DW8SOVER…what are your weighting for? Let’s push each other to reach our goals!

In Jan 2013 (198-200lbs) my church went on the “Daniel Fast”.  I had been having chest pains prior to the fast and noticed once my eating changed I began to feel better! So for 21 days I decided to exercise while doing the fast and lost a total of 16lbs! NOT ONCE was I more concerned about a number on the scale, I was only concerned about my Health and how much I began to feel better and lighter on my feet! I was NEVER an athlete, well if you want to count being a Cheerleader when I was 13 for about 6 months…go ahead, but I was never one for Running…EVER! I begin to run/walk almost Everyday while on my journey and found It to be exhilarating and a way to escape some of my personal problems or just find that extra peace I needed!

While on my journey I started working at Curves For Women Spring 2013! I became a Curves Complete Coach (the start of COACH Q) JULY 2013 and begin to Coach other women on their fitness journey!  While coaching my ladies with their diet and exercise program, I came across women who were Vegan, Vegetarian, Cancer Survivors, Diabetic, and the list goes on!  Each one of them pushed me to research food in a way I never thought I would!!! I will NEVER forget the different encounters with the women there, they were and are the FOUNDATION of “COACH Q”!

In 2014, trying not to get bored on the journey, I became a BeachBody Coach! I would do free “EAT CLEAN” challenges, Free Fit Clubs, and give FREE meal advice ALL to keep myself accountable and help others on their journey! That year so many people asked if I would train them, can you help me, etc., I decided to start a BootCamp September 2014! My goal was to only do camps in the OFF PEAK season (Sept-Dec), because I realized that so many people would gain weight (10-20lbs) during that time due to ALLL of the holiday parties!  My clients said, NOT SO, “ARE YOU DOING CAMPS NEXT MONTH, NEXT MONTH…”!!! FROM THEN UNTIL NOW I have been up almost EVERYDAY to do 4:30a Camps and have become EVERYTHING HEALTH & FITNESS! From CURVES  for WOMEN, BeachBody, PERSONAL TRAINING & BOOTCAMPS, and now MIXXEDFIT®!  I LOVE and APPRCIATE each client and person the has crossed my path! You all are AWESOME and because of you I am Here!!!


Coach Q.

Q-TIP: Don’t go into this journey with a scale mindset and don’t think because you’re “BIG or FAT” that you should STARVE YOURSELF! 
I always ask my clients “Which takes more gas an 18 wheeler or a Honda?” “When you shop does the rack ask you HOW MUCH do you weigh?”  In others words eat MORE of the right foods and STOP looking at the SCALE and you will be well on your way to accomplishing your fitness goals! Size doesn’t matter but your health and life do!