Almost 4 years ago I was diagnosed with severe lung disease and an autoimmune disease. Due to severe scarring from a blood clot, I am in need of a double lung transplant. In order to qualify for transplant, Duke Medical Center required me  to lose over 50 pounds and have a BMI under 25. This was no small feat because of my medication. I was a tough case because I’m on oxygen 24/7, this did not deter Q from training me. She researched my medicines in planning my meals. My beginning weight was 205. Over the past year, Coach Q has assisted me in losing 40 pounds. Training with Coach Q has been a blessing to my life. She has helped me tremendously in getting closer to my new lungs. She’s honest, reliable, supportive and dedicated.

-I. Rudolph


This weight loss journey for me started many many years ago. Like the rest of the world, I would start just about every Monday with a diet and exercise plan that never last a few weeks. Feeling helpless at times and desperate to loose weight, I resulted in diet pills, tried weight watchers and even hypnosis. Yes I said hypnosis, which none of it worked long term. In Sept 2016 I loss a part of me, my biggest supporter and cheerleader, my mother but I knew she would want me to get healthy and stay healthy.

Dec 2016, I was at my all time highest weight of 253lbs. Sick, disgusted, embarrassed, hurt and miserable, I had to do some thing so I started back going to the gym but that wasn’t good enough. I met and have known Coach Q since high school and would often take her classes throughout the years but never stuck with it. 1st Picture Jan 2017, weighing 247lbs, She offered a sweet deal on boot camp that I couldn’t pass up. Often running into her boyfriend, Ham, at the gym he would say, Kiki it’s your time, this is your year. For some reason that sticks with me along with others motivation.

Since I started with Q in Jan, I have lost a total of 28lbs…weighing in today, 4/24/17, at 219lbs. Definitely  the best choice of my life. The 4am struggle is real but worth it. My weight loss is slow but that’s ok because slow and steady wins the race. Certainly not where I want to be but most definitly not where I used to be.

I kick, scream, cry and even feel like I have died at camp some times but I can’t tell you enough how forever grateful I am for Coach Q and the life altering changes she’s made in not only my life but so many others. Q is passionate and dedicated about what she does and it shows each and every push and prep talk. I couldn’t do it alone.  A big thanks to you Q for just caring enough to not let us give up.

– M. Surles

Changing my mindset was the key to my successful weight loss of 28 pounds.  I felt like not eating at all or skipping meals would take the weight off faster until I started bootcamp with Coach Q. I began my journey September 2015. I worked out 45 minutes 3 days a week and also followed her meal plan during this time. The early morning workout and meal plan were both a struggle for me but I was determined to defeat them. Coach Q motivated and pushed me when often time I felt like giving up. Although I am no longer working out with her, I continue to use her tools to maintain my weight loss.

-M. Dixon

My weight loss journey started July 2016.  I met Coach Q a few months before then but didn’t really take it serious until I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid.  I have always tried to lose weight on several occasions but I would never stick with the process.  After reaching my highest weight of 242 lbs and being told by my endocrinologist that I would probably never lose the weight due to the Hypothyroid I knew I had to do something quick.  Coach Q really changed my life, she provided me a meal plan, went shopping with me for my food, came to my home and cooked it, and prepared it for a week to give me a jump start. Coach wanted to see how serious I was because in the past I would train but not eat right, so instead of her training me she had me go buy me a exercise bike and workout at home.  I did that for about 6mts and she saw I was taking it serious so she decided to start back training me.   I have lost a total of 57 lbs with the help of Coach Q.

-T. McCaa

My weight has been a roller coaster ride over the years, up and down between 165 and 215 pounds. I joined the gym in January 2016 to take part in a weight loss challenge. I weighed 203.4 when I started. I met Coach Q on the first day. She was very helpful with all of the equipment and prepared a beginner program for me to follow. She was so encouraging and always nice to chat with at the gym.

About half-way through the challenge personal training sessions were offered. I had never considered this, but took the plunge for 13 weeks with Coach Q. Best decision I ever made, and I have been training with her ever since. I work out twice a week with Coach Q and when my work schedule changed she arranged to meet me (very) early mornings so I wouldn’t get off track. On the alternate days I always do cardio or another workout on my own. After the first session we started working on my diet. She taught me about eating by the macros instead of the calories. I still monitor my calories, but her changes have made the weight loss more consistent over the months.

5/2017~ Today I weigh 174.4- a loss of 29 pounds. My doctor has taken me off of two of my medications. Discipline and consistency have been key in this process. I am very proud of my accomplishment and I do not plan on stopping until I reach my goal of weighing in the 150’s. My overall goal is to maintain this weight loss and continue to have a healthier lifestyle.

~Sharon. E

My baby girl is the motivation of my weight lost journey.  Not only losing weight but choosing to live a healthier life for my family. I lost weight in the first few month of giving birth to my baby in 2013.  However, the stress of being a new mother and new wife packed the weight back on to a total of 224 pounds.  I vowed to find a sustainable way to lose the extra weight.

That’s when I was introduced to Coach Laquanda Fields.  I started her Fitness Junkies Bootcamp in October of 2014.  Coach taught me how to eat better and cleaner along with her well designed workouts.  How I dreaded getting up early mornings to do the workouts.  It wasn’t easy but I made the sacrifice.  However, it all paid off with a total weight loss of 33 pounds within a year.  I am happy that I chose the sacrifice.

– K. Beckham

I’ve been on my journey since January 1st 2015.  My starting weight was 297. I felt like I was a cheese burger away from 300lbs. I met Coach Q at the end of February and started taking her bootcamp shortly after.  The best decision I could have made! I took the bootcamp over the summer 2015 I dropped down to 251 lbs with over 21 inches loss. I enjoy her tough LOVE in camp. I feel she really cares about my health and wellness.

– L. Upshaw “Juicey”

My name is C. Wright from Savannah,GA.  I’m a 33 year old wife and mother of 3.  I’ve also had the pleasure to join Coach Q’s 6 WEEK ONLINE  CLIENT CHALLENGE (Jan4th-Feb15th). Now I must admit I strongly doubted myself. Reason being is because I was a 165lb women who had been trying to eat right and lose weight for the last 13 years, and was never able to see such awesome results since I’ve been following Coach Q’s fitness plan. Thanks Coach Q for helping me reach my target goal of 146 lbs within 6 weeks. I am still and will forever be a fitness junkie.

– C. Wright

All my life I struggled with being overweight. I would always try to just workout but I never ate right. One day in 2012 I went to the doctor and they told me that I was at 210 Pounds! I was in desperate need to find something that I could stick to and that was easy. I started doing meal replacement shakes every day. It worked for me by 2013 I was 147 pounds; however just like anything else that is repetitive I got bored with it. I eventually stopped drinking them and tried to learn how to eat right on my own. I thought I was doing well but I was still gaining weight. I got into the “I will start back on Monday” ritual, and before I knew it I had gained half of my weight back within a year. One morning I texted Coach Q and told her I am ready to join her camps and give it my all! I started in April 2015 weighing in at 176 pounds, with no knowledge of how to eat right. Joining camp with Coach Q was one of the best decisions I could have made. Being in camp I have learned how to eat, what to eat, and how to portion my food out. We often think that we only need to work out; but I have learned without the proper nutrition your body won’t change much.  This journey is not easy at all but when you have someone by your side that actually motivates you each day it helps a lot. I am now between 142-144 and still working every day. This is a lifestyle change and I am glad that I made it with Fitness Junkies!! Photos: APRIL 2015-APRIL 2016

– S.Smith

I weighed in at 209 pounds before joining camp last year in May 2015. I was not consistently exercising or eating clean. I thought that I didn’t  have time exercise and I didn’t know what a meal guide was. After joining camp, I  committed to exercising 4 days per week from 4:30 am to 5:00 am. It was very hard in the beginning but I kept working out and I started noticing an increase in my endurance and a decrease in my body mass. I learned how to eat clean and to prep my meals. Meal preparation eliminates the excuses for eating at restaurants. Meal preparation made it possible to have healthy meals at my finger tips. I learned how to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. By the end of camp in August 2015, I had lost 19 pounds. By the end of March 2016, i was down to 167 pounds. Even though I am not attending camp, I am  still exercising at least twice per week and I am still preparing my meals on Sundays for the entire week. Water is still my beverage of choice.

– R.Rudolph

I weighed 157, when started camp with Coach Q, I got all the way down to my goal weight of 135. I learned the hard way that following her meal plan was the only way I was going to get my body the way I wanted it. And yes it is still a struggle. I love working out with her and being part of her fitness family. She can be tough, but she only wants the best for me. Our group worked out Monday-Thursday @ 4:30 am and I also did a least 4 days of cardio for 30 mins. Coach Q is a great person and an awesome trainer, I wouldn’t trade her for anyone. Since my weight lose I have struggled some,  but I try to follow my meal plan and continue my workouts. By following the tools Coach Q has taught me, I know I can become great.

– T.Nelson